Phil & Sebastian Coffee

From lattes to cortados to keeping it simple with drip coffee, we proudly serve Phil & Sebastian. 

About Phil & Sebastian

For the past decade we’ve spent most of our waking hours dedicated to the notion that coffee can and should be better than it is
. We’ve travelled the world, micro-financed projects in coffee growing countries, custom built our own roaster, co-authored graduate level studies on water, and performed countless other harebrained feats in the service of our obsession. All in the hopes that the cup of coffee we pour today, will be just the tiniest bit better than the one we served yesterday.

Breakfast and Lunch

Royale Breakfast Sandwich 
West Coast Bagel
Avocado Toast
Yogurt Parfait
Assorted Pastries

Grilled Ham & Cheese
Grilled Cheese
West Coast Bagel
Daily Lunch Specials

We also proudly serve treats like Macarons and cookies from Queen City Cakes!



Of course we’re biased, but we think you’d really impress your colleagues by bringing Phil & Sebastian coffee paired with pastries or delicious specialty sandwiches to your next meeting. We can cater for groups up to 30.

To order please call Tyler at 306.570.5632 or email